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The Unexpected

Like many of you, we keep saying, “this is a WEIRD year.” It’s weird on many levels. As a small business, we have had our share of uncertainties this year. Like most retailers, we planned for a regular, run-of-the-mill year for inventory, sales, advertising, and more. Like most people, we didn’t know this wouldn’t be a normal year.

May has always been our busiest month, and this year is no exception. However, our flower lot in May is always packed to the gills, racks overflowing with flats of plants in spectacular color. Our staff rushes to unload the semi trucks loaded tightly with even more, making way for more on the lot by making sure every tray is filled and pressed together, hopeful that varieties and colors are organized to make fast work of finding places for the new stock coming in multiple times weekly.

An unusually empty rack on our flower lot before a much needed shipment arrives.

This year? *crickets*

It’s not pretty. It’s not inspiring. It’s certainly not what May usually looks like around here. We don’t like it and we know you don’t either. Deliveries are few and far between, and growers have been sending everything they have, even before it’s in bloom. Our options are limited more than ever before.

Why? We figure that with everyone having to be at home, more people than ever are gardening. And we LOVE that! However, it has put unprecedented demand on our inventory and we have ordered and reordered as fast as we can. Our suppliers are feeling the pressure, too. Many retailers are feeling the same stress: not enough delivery trucks to bring things at the expected pace. Semi trucks come when they can, as fast as they can. Deliveries have slowed to a couple times a week, even though we ask for more frequency. It’s just not possible. (If anyone has plans to build a teleporter, now would be an EXCELLENT time.)

While this exceptional season continues, we cannot tell you how much we appreciate your business and support. We are working as hard as we can to bring you the best quality lawn and garden products. So many aspects of our business that are usually more in our control are no longer. It’s frustrating to say the least- we want to have these things for you, to help you, to give you the tools and green goods you need to have the most beautiful outdoor space possible. And we are so sorry that we can’t.

All this to say: we appreciate your patience with us as we’ve had to have with our suppliers, deliveries, and all the new challenges that have come our way. Please keep checking in for more plants and supplies that are currently sold out. We are, just like you, walking through this strange year and enjoying whatever beauty we can along the way. Stay well, and see you soon!

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