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Year after year, perennials will come back to bloom and show their resilience. Planting a perennial garden is a great investment in your yard. Choose perennials with bloom times that overlap. That way as one is done blooming, another begins, and your garden will always have some color. Remember to match light and water requirements when it comes to choosing varieties- keeping plants preferring full sun and low water requirements with together will make a more successful garden. Planting annuals amongst perennials will ensure full season color and add interest as different perennials stop blooming.

Perennials in our area generally need water in the winter when there is no precipitation. Our sunny, windy conditions dry the soil to levels inhospitable to the plants we cultivate. Together with adequate mulching and seasonal fertilization, you’ll have a gorgeous garden that impresses you every year.

Whether it’s a low maintenance area of your yard or an elaborate haven for birds and butterflies, Spencer’s has an extensive assortment of perennials to help create the garden you dream of.

Root Stimulator for
Planting Assurance

Transplant shock can affect any plant for many reasons, and the damage may not show for a few weeks. We rely on Root Stimulator to help prevent transplant shock and give perennials, annuals, trees, and shrubs stronger root formation and development. Plants will be greener and more vigorous when used each time the plants are watered. Simply mix 3 1/2 tablespoons per gallon of water and water well at the time of planting and for two weeks.

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