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Fertilizer is an essential element in successful gardening and healthy lawns. 

Potted plants and hanging baskets require fertilization because they use the nutrients in the soil quickly and need an external source. All gardens, whether in ground or raised, benefit from at least a weekly fertilizer boost. Check with our knowledgable employees to find the best fertilizer for your gardens.

Lawns benefit greatly from seasonal feedings. Fertilizers help strengthen the lawn system, keeping disease, pest insects, and weeds from invading and taking over. A spring feeding that includes a pre-emergent will keep weed seeds from germinating, saving you time from weed spraying and pulling in the summer months. Lawn food plus iron will green up your grass, and a mid summer nitrogen feed will support the root system through the remaining hot summer months.

Here at Spencer’s, we make lawn feeding easy with our
4-Step Lawn Care Program. Come in and see how easy it is to keep your lawn lush and healthy all season long.

Fertilizer for every part of your landscape
Incredible selection of Fox Farm organic fertilizers
Spencer's 4-Step Lawn Care Program including HuMic

Make the most of your fertilizer with HuMic by Natural Guard

One of our favorite products of all time is HuMic by Natural Guard. We’ve been recommending it for years (formerly Soil Activator) and we can’t say enough about the results we get! HuMic is a highly concentrated soil conditioner for use in all vegetable gardens, flower gardens, lawns, and compost bins. An all-natural humic acid product, it enhances nutrient uptake, encourages root development, and stimulates healthy microbial growth. It helps decompose the thatch layer in lawns and won’t burn grass when applied in conjunction with fertilizers or on its own.

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