Produce Update and Saturday Samples

Produce Update and Saturday Samples

Our truck has been unloaded and the produce is as fresh as ever! Here’s a rundown of what’s currently in (as always, call with questions!):

Elberta Freestone Peaches
Olathe Corn
Pueblo Corn
Honeydew Melon
Yellow Seedless Watermelon
Catalina Plums
Blood Plums
Palisade White Peaches
Wildfire Gala Apples
Early Gala Apples
Early Cortland Mackintosh
Delta Yellow Onions
Boiler Potatoes
NEW!- Popper Peppers- Bell pepper flavor with a kick!
By the Box: Pears, Peaches, and Tomatoes- Check them out on the display wagon!
Roasting Chiles- all flavors!

We now carry Coconut and Coconut Mango Water along with our selection of ciders!

Don’t forget our amazing variety of local honeys and honey sticks in nine yummy flavors!

Still available: Frozen Sour Pie Cherries and The Village Pie Maker pies

Come by tomorrow to sample many of our delicious products! Also check out our Fall Pansies and flowers, Miniature Garden and Fairy Garden plants, and new succulents!

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