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Hopping along…

Hopping along…

If you need to know what day it is, don’t ask us. But there’s a Bunny coming soon (already have bunnies? We have a repellant for the unwelcome ones! Ask about I Must Garden products!) and on that day, Spencer’s will be closed for a welcome break.

Update: we remembered how to use a calendar and we will be closed on Sunday, April 12th for Easter. That could be in four days or 22 days, they all kind of blend together right now.

We were hoping to get our first shipment of asparagus in this week, but no sign of it so far. We do still have pinto beans in stock. Bring some extra cheer to your Easter meal with a pie! Simply unwrap and bake; it’s an incredible homemade flavor without the extra work. Village Pie Maker pies are some of the best there are!

Our annual Spencer’s Soil Sale is still happening with the best prices of the year. A great garden starts with great soil, and it’s the perfect time to stock up. Simply call ahead and we will load the soil into your vehicle, along with anything else you may need.

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Open M-Sat 9-5 Sun 10-4 Memorial Day 9-4
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