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Sales for last minute gifts!

Poinsettias, Christmas Plants, Gifts-To-Go and more!!! We are saving you money through the weekend! Stop by for those last minute needs. If you still need a Christmas tree, you’re in luck! All cut Christmas Trees are 40% off!  We are open through Christmas Eve Day!

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Holiday Happenings!

Rabbit Creek Mixes are a perfect gift for the favorite baker in your life. From quick bread mixes, to cookie mixes, soups and cheese ball mixes, we have you covered! In a pinch for a last minute dish for the office potluck? Grab a Spinach Delight Cheese Ball mix, sure to please the crowd! Looking for a quick cookie to leave out for Santa? We’ve got you covered! Beautifully packaged, these mixes don’t even need to be wrapped! Stop by our Market today!

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Employee Spotlight: Annelise Wilhite

We’d like to share some of Annelise’s favorite holiday memories. Annelise has been with the company for a few years, and works at our Fountain location.

“When we were kids, my sisters and I used to always fight over who got to hang out favorite ornament: a beautiful silver metal snowflake with a bell in the middle. These days we have a new favorite.

Our Papa used to be a great woodworker and made everything from toy high chairs to game boards to our first rocking horse. When he passed away weeks before I started at Spencer’s, my aunt Lori made ornaments for each of Papa’s children with a picture of him and his wife and filled with sawdust from his accomplishments. We all nearly cried when our dad showed it to us and it’s been my favorite ornament ever since.”


Employee Spotlight!

This is Dan Robinson, co-owner of Spencer’s, and nursery expert.

“Every year at Christmas my sister and I had train sets that we would set up in the basement, and play with for hours. I still have the train set, we keep it on display in our living room.

“Another memory I have is when Alice (Dan’s wife) and I were living in ft Collins. We went to a small Christmas tree lot, and bought a beautiful White Fir Christmas tree. And everyone thought we were nuts for spending twelve dollars! Now looking back, it doesn’t seem like that bad of a deal!”


Employee Spotlight: Mike Spencer

Today we’d like to share some of Mike Spencer’s holiday memories. Mike is a co-owner, and has worked in the family business all his life. You can likely find Mike at our Fountain location, most days. “You know, growing up, I always loved Christmas Eve and the time I spent with my family going to church service and seeing my grandparents from the Spencer side. We would arrive home from church and Santa would have already visited our house. That’s because Christmas morning, we loaded up the semi and took toys and fruit to the less fortunate kids at the Chief Theater. Those were some of my favorite times. Later in life, watching my own daughters open presents was always fun. Now that I have grandkids, Christmas has become even more magical. Christmas, to me, is all about kids. From when they come to pick out a tree with Mom & Dad, to when they visit the Candy Basement, it has become a tradition that spans 4 generations for me. I love it. I love the whole Christmas season and the whole idea of Christmas. It’s my favorite.”


We just crafted several fruit baskets that are up for purchase! The easiest and most delicious gifts are ready to go! Hurry though, they won’t last long!

(Tejon location only)


Holiday Happenings!

This is a great time to give pottery as a gift. Pots are versatile for more than just planting new greenery or repotting older plants. A beautiful pot can become a utensil holder or  the package for another gift. Turn one into a pretty clutter-keeper or hose depository. The possibilities are many! Spencer’s has all kinds to keep the creative juices flowing!

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Employee Spotlight!

This is Joan’s first Christmas season with Spencers, and she fills our days with fun stories and jokes.

“One year it snowed in Texas, and my cousin, Susan, and I had a horse named George that we rode for hours through the snow, giggling and laughing the entire time! We just couldn’t believe our luck!”

“My sister, Jerilynn, and I were partners in crime, always getting into some kind of mischief! One year we decided that we couldn’t wait to find out what we got for Christmas, so very carefully, we opened all of our presents under the tree, by peeling the tape back, and then resticking it back to the paper. But we didn’t stop there! We ended up opening everyone’s presents! It was quite obvious what we had done, kids aren’t as sneaky as they think they are!”


Holiday Happenings!

Do you need a gift in a pinch? Look no further than our custom made fruit baskets! We offer four sizes to fit your needs: 1/2 Peck, Full Peck, 1/2 Bushel, and Full bushel!

Each basket is filled with a variety of citrus, apples and pears, and topped off with a delightful mixture of wrapped candy! Looking to add more? Visit our Candy Basement for “add-on” ideas- such as jams, salsas, chocolates, and other goodies!

These baskets are made at our Tejon location, but both stores are taking orders today! Call to order yours, and please everyone on your Christmas list!

Tejon store- (719)632-2788

Fountain store- (719)392-2726

(Full Bushel basket not pictured. Call for pricing!)


Our new Rustic Farmhouse line from Panacea is the perfect solution for gifts! Galvanized Buckets, Wire baskets, Copper trays and laser wall art are perfect choices to add to your decor. Rustic Farmhouse is right on trend and we have you covered!

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