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Holiday Happenings!

This is a great time to give pottery as a gift. Pots are versatile for more than just planting new greenery or repotting older plants. A beautiful pot can become a utensil holder or  the package for another gift. Turn one into a pretty clutter-keeper or hose depository. The possibilities are many! Spencer’s has all kinds to keep the creative juices flowing!

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Employee Spotlight!

This is Joan’s first Christmas season with Spencers, and she fills our days with fun stories and jokes.

“One year it snowed in Texas, and my cousin, Susan, and I had a horse named George that we rode for hours through the snow, giggling and laughing the entire time! We just couldn’t believe our luck!”

“My sister, Jerilynn, and I were partners in crime, always getting into some kind of mischief! One year we decided that we couldn’t wait to find out what we got for Christmas, so very carefully, we opened all of our presents under the tree, by peeling the tape back, and then resticking it back to the paper. But we didn’t stop there! We ended up opening everyone’s presents! It was quite obvious what we had done, kids aren’t as sneaky as they think they are!”


Holiday Happenings!

Do you need a gift in a pinch? Look no further than our custom made fruit baskets! We offer four sizes to fit your needs: 1/2 Peck, Full Peck, 1/2 Bushel, and Full bushel!

Each basket is filled with a variety of citrus, apples and pears, and topped off with a delightful mixture of wrapped candy! Looking to add more? Visit our Candy Basement for “add-on” ideas- such as jams, salsas, chocolates, and other goodies!

These baskets are made at our Tejon location, but both stores are taking orders today! Call to order yours, and please everyone on your Christmas list!

Tejon store- (719)632-2788

Fountain store- (719)392-2726

(Full Bushel basket not pictured. Call for pricing!)


Our new Rustic Farmhouse line from Panacea is the perfect solution for gifts! Galvanized Buckets, Wire baskets, Copper trays and laser wall art are perfect choices to add to your decor. Rustic Farmhouse is right on trend and we have you covered!

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Employee spotlight: Cohl Niskanen

Cohl recently started with us, and we are delighted to have him! We sat down with him to talk about his Holiday traditions. Here’s what he had to say: ‘One of my favorite Christmas traditions is hiding the pickle inside the Christmas Tree. Whoever finds the pickle first, has first choice at the biggest stocking filled plum full of all the best goodies in Minnesota. That was always the best stocking because it had candy, gift cards and other treats. Finding a green pickle in a green tree is like finding a needle in a haystack, so it was always tough, but the reward was oh so sweet!’  Thanks for sharing Cohl!


Holiday Happenings!

Here’s a fun activity to add cheer and color to the winter months:

Plant paper whites or an amaryllis with your kids and have them measure the growth each day! It’s beautiful AND educational!

Keep one for each child or gift them to another family and watch their eyes light up as they see them get bigger each day!


Employee spotlight!

Today we feature Alice Spencer-Robinson, co-owner and lifelong employee! Alice shared with us her favorite childhood Christmas memory.

“My father (Noble Spencer Jr, founder of Spencer’s Lawn and Garden) is a member of the Elks Club lodge #309. Every Christmas season the Elks would gather presents and candies (through the George W. Trimble fund) and load them onto our semi-truck. When Christmas morning came dad would drive the semi down to the old Chief Theater, and unload all the goodies. Hundreds of less-fortunate children would be there, waiting anxiously, as Santa would arrive to wish them a Merry Christmas, and give them, individually, their gifts.

“After all the goodies were delivered, all the used wrapping paper, decorations, tables and chairs were loaded back onto the semi, our family would drive to the Antlers Hotel to have our holiday breakfast.

“The Elks Trimble Fund has always been very near and dear to my heart, and I’m so thankful that Spencer’s has the opportunity to still play a role in helping them bring joy to children for the Christmas season.”


Holiday Happenings!

The right tool can ease the hands, legs and back of your favorite Gardener. We have pruners that clip easily, trowels that make quick work of transplanting, kneeling pads that give cushion for your legs and rakes that transform your lawn project in a snap. Give the beloved garden enthusiast in your life the invaluable gift of comfort and usefulness this Holiday! They’ll thank you for it!

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Holiday Happenings!

Did you know that Spencers carries Watkins extracts? Their Vanilla extract is, by far, the BEST! And don’t forget about butter, lemon, and almond extracts too! They deliver extra rich gourmet flavor to any recipe!

We also carry spices by the San Francisco Herb Co! Mulling spices, pickling spices, whole cloves and cinnamon sticks, just to name a few.

Stop by our famous Candy Basement today to see all our goodies!IMG_5619

Employee Spotlight: Emily Campbell

Emily has been with Spencer’s for several years and works in our Lawn & Garden department ~ when we asked her about her favorite Holiday memories, she told us about her baking traditions. “When my husband and I bought our house, we decided a great way to get to know the neighbors would be to gift them goodies we had made ~ along with my Mom, we spend a day baking, wrapping and preparing. We make dozens of packages for the whole street, plus our garbage man, postman and grandparents. My favorite part is the delivery, when we ring doorbells of neighbors, introduce ourselves and pass along a little holiday cheer. Showing love to our neighbors not only builds up relationships, but gives us a sense of community that you just can’t achieve without coming together face to face.”