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What’s better than fresh-picked Colorado apples? Fresh-pressed Colorado apple cider! We have several varieties available today, including DiNardos, Talbots, Colorado Cherry Co., and Will’s. Treat yourself and your loved ones on these cold winter nights!

Today, we’d like you to meet Susan Spencer, one of our co-owners ~ When asked what her favorite holiday memories were, Susan had this to say:

“Several years ago, my girls Heather and Amy were both away at college, and I was decorating one night for Christmas on my own. My golden retriever, Bo, was with me that evening. I was feeling really down, and was missing my girls so much. I was attempting to haul all the boxes upstairs to begin decorating, and I was crying and feeling melancholy. I was hauling the last box up the stairs (and was carrying too much, if we are being honest) when I dropped one single ornament. This pushed me over the edge and I began crying even more. I put the final box down and turned around to head back down the stairs to get the last ornament. When I turned, there sat my Bo, with the ornament in his mouth. I was so touched by his action that I took the rest of the night to spend time with him, and reminisce. I think that was the moment that I realized my perspective on ‘The Perfect Christmas’ had changed. I cherished that night, and I never stressed about decorating after that.”


Shh! Don’t let the kids see this!
Children in Dutch countries celebrate their version of Christmas much earlier on December 6th. Traditionally kids leave their shoes out on the eve of December 5th for Sinterklaas to fill with candy, chocolate coins, and fruit! Spencer’s has all you need to fill shoes (or stockings) with special treats and fruit basket season is just around the corner!


Holiday Happenings!

Amaryllis and Paperwhites are a Winter staple at nearly every Garden Center- that’s because they are known for their exceptional growth indoors! Forcing these bulbs will result in incredible growth and blooms right in the dead of Winter! Don’t let the Winter Blues get you down. Start an Amaryllis or a group of Paperwhites and you’ll have blooming color to enjoy!


Here at Spencers we love hearing about our customers favorite holiday traditions and memories, and we want you to know about ours! Throughout the month of December we will be featuring our employees and giving insight to our own holiday traditions.

This is Whitney! She’s one of the driving forces behind the success of our Candy Basement! Her favorite holiday memories center on decorating the Christmas tree with her family and gathering with her loved ones to celebrate on Christmas Eve.
“I watch The Christmas Story every year and that really put me in the Christmas spirit!”


Holiday Happenings!

Succulent arrangements and terrariums are such a fun way to create small space gardens! Dress them up with pottery, decorative rocks, shells or even combine air plants for an unexpected twist – we have many varieties of succulents in stock, and our terrarium selection is expansive. Let us help you create a one of a kind gift for your loved one!




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Birding is a spectacular way to spend time outdoors, attract birds to your yard, and enjoy their beauty. In the colder months, birds rely on feeders for additional protein, when food is harder to find. Gifting a brightly colored feeder and a bag of premium seed is a fantastic way to continue the outdoor experience into the Winter months. Hang one near a window for easy enjoyment!

Holiday Happenings!

We’ve got a tree lot FULL of beautiful trees that are fresh cut and waiting for a ‘Fir-Ever’ home! Colorado cut White Fir and Piñon Pine, Farm cultivated Frasier Fir and Black Hills Spruce that are absolutely incredible this year! We carry water stands to fit any size tree you choose. Fresh cut garland, hand made wreaths, and festive holly are also in!D596D002-AB8A-4F6E-8727-74A528990B1B D82AA59B-131E-4830-AFD2-49CC5490B8D2 1CDA4C6C-BABB-4452-A622-9B65211F7303



Time to stop by our Candy Basement for all your holiday needs! We have unique treats and old fashioned candies sure to please everyone! F9A087B4-ACDD-4468-8D52-260EAE69C3AC

Yes, We’re OPEN!

Sundays through December 24th, our Tejon location is open from 10-4. Come in and browse our gift selections, gorgeous Candy Basement, fresh greenery, and supplies to keep your gardens going, indoor and out.

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IMG_0487Brooklyn and Payten, two more Spencer grandkids, love the Market and supporting small businesses!IMG_0484 Add color to the winter with beautiful Poinsettias. They make great host/hostess gifts!
IMG_5397Jams and jellies aren’t just for breakfast- hand pies, thumbprint cookies, and baked brie are just a few more uses for this fantastic, Colorado made line of preserves. Come see the amazing selection of flavors and add some to your kitchen!

Small Business Saturday

Remember to Shop Small today and throughout the holiday season. Families like ours and small businesses rely on your patronage to stay strong. Thank you for shopping with us!

For Small Business Saturday, get 20% off the Candy Basement! (Excludes peanuts.)

Also, while supplies last, spend $50 or more and receive a tote bag!

We have fresh peanuts in now, perfect for peanut brittle, snack mixes, and more. Colorado potatoes make dinners simple and delicious. Straw bales are available for mulching and straw bale gardening- it isn’t too late to mulch and your garden will be healthier in the spring for your efforts now. Poinsettias, fresh evergreen boughs, wreaths, and roping, trees, candy, pies, and more are waiting for you here at Spencer’s.

We appreciate your business and hope we see you soon!

IMG_2183Mike and granddaughter Hannah unload the first of the Christmas Trees!IMG_0980Grandkids Bennett and Hannah love “The Market” and remind you to shop small businesses during the holidays and every day! IMG_0993Grandkids Hannah and Bennett with Mimi (Susan Spencer) and Poppop (Mike Spencer).IMG_1030 Hannah shops for her garden essentials with her babies.IMG_1036Bennett just wanders with a bag.IMG_1037 Bennett clears the way for Poppop to take out a tree.IMG_1038Hannah and Bennett help carry and load a Christmas tree, one of the first of the season! It’s a family effort!