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Fruiting Shrubs in Fountain

Mmm! Our blueberry bushes are getting ripe and it’s got us in a pie frame of mind. We have plenty of fruiting bushes and grape vines to entice your palate while we wait for produce season to kick off. Check back often to know exactly when our Farmer’s Market at our Fountain location will begin for the year! IMG_2401.JPG

These perennials are made to beat the heat in your garden. They bring amazing color to your landscape with minimal effort, just in time for 4th of July gatherings. Stop by soon for the best selection!

IMG_2403.JPG IMG_2405.JPG IMG_2404.JPG IMG_2406.JPGIMG_2407.JPG

New Art Poles!

ART POLES ARE IN! We are so excited to offer an exciting new addition to our already beautiful Art Pole line! “The Lyric Project” features original artwork by Stephanie Burgess and lyrics from McCartney and Lennon! As we unpack these fantastic poles, we can’t help but sing the songs featured on each unique design. Stop in to see the most unique and beautiful designs to add color to your space! Sizes range from 6′ down to 20″, there’s a perfect one waiting for you. The question is, can you pick just one???IMG_1818 IMG_1817 IMG_1816

Open Memorial Day

Yes, we will be open on Memorial Day, 9-4! Take advantage of the mild weather and potential afternoon rain showers by applying your second lawn fertilizer- Fertilome Lawn Food Plus Iron, if you purchased our simple 4-step lawn care program.

We’re nearing the end of our gorgeous moss hanging baskets and tub geraniums. Once they’re gone, they’re gone for good! We have an incredible selection of annuals and perennials. It’s a perfect time to plant a vegetable garden! We have tomato plants galore and a greenhouse packed with herbs.

We appreciate and remember our servicemen and women. We hope you’ll take a moment with us as we reflect on their sacrifice.

Mother’s Day is Almost Here!

It’s crunch time, but it’s not too late! Even if you’re already ahead of the game, it’s not too late to get Mom something she will love.

Forget the faded bouquet and surprise Mom with a selection of easy-care succulents. Styles range from adorable individual plants to gift-ready mixed containers and terrariums.IMG_2036.JPG

IMG_2098.JPGIMG_2100.JPGMom’s hands do so much! They held you as a baby, wiped tears, made lunches, tied shoes, and held your hand through the years. Mom’s hands could use a little help these days. For Mother’s Day perhaps she could use some new gloves or sharp tools to make gardening a little easier. Spencer’s carries gardening tools for all her needs and gloves for any job.IMG_2095.JPG

For all of those cherished fairytales mom read to you as a child, bring back the memories with a fairy garden she can call her own. We have all of your supplies: pottery, miniature plants, figurines of sweet fairies and forest creatures (or mischievous trolls!), and soil. Mom is sure to adore whatever you create!
IMG_2084.JPGIMG_2099.JPGIMG_2086.JPGIMG_2087.JPGIMG_2082.JPG IMG_2083.JPG IMG_2085.JPG

Sugar, spice, and everything nice! Isn’t that what Moms are all about? For the culinary mom, why not surprise her with fresh herbs like basil, sage, rosemary, and even stevia and ginger? IMG_1164 IMG_1163

Mom knew what tweeting was all about long before it became popular. Take a step back in time to some old-fashioned tweets for Mom’s sake. She’d love a hummingbird feeder or some birdseed to attract some spring music to her yard! Check out Spencer’s selection of suet, feeders, nectar, and shepherd’s hooks for hanging before time runs out and the birds go hungry!

Baskets of laundry. Driving to basketball practice. And baskets of love. Mom gave much of herself to see you thrive. Show her some love with our one-of-a-kind hanging baskets! Unlike her devotion, once our baskets are gone, they’re gone. We have so many beautiful combos ranging from simple 10″ to gorgeous 16″ moss baskets to suit your mother’s style.FullSizeRender.jpg-3 FullSizeRender.jpg-1 IMG_1996.JPG IMG_1944.JPGFullSizeRender.jpg-2 IMG_0001

Your mom raised you and watched you blossom and grow. With our unbeatable geranium tubs, we’ve taken the hassle out of raising them so mom can watch them bloom all season. Pick yours up before they’re gone!


P is for Perennials! Your mom lovingly spent the time to teach you the alphabet. Show her your thanks for everything she taught you with a gift that gives back year after year! We have a wide variety of flowers for every part of the yard from dry and sunny to cool and shady. We can’t wait to help you pick out the perfect gift!

IMG_1973.JPG IMG_1910.JPG IMG_1957.JPG IMG_1964.JPG

Remember when a fistful of dandelions was all it took to make Mom smile? Everyone is a little older and wiser now. Give her a gift that she’ll truly appreciate! If you’re not sure what that is, you can never go wrong with a Spencer’s gift card.


Countdown to Mother’s Day!

Thinking of buying your Mom roses for the big day? Don’t buy her cut flowers that will fade! Gift her a beautiful rose bush that will provide years of incredible blooms and enjoyment! Our rose selection is extensive and we carry varieties that can’t be found elsewhere! Stop in today to pick out the better alternative to cut flowers! #countdowntomothersdayIMG_1053