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With the cool, wet weather, we are seeing many fungal issues on plants and in lawns. Powdery mildew on ornamental plants and grass, and mushrooms taking over gardens are some of the most noticeable. Spencer’s has the Ferti•lome fungicidal solutions your lawn and garden needs! 20638334_10159021387125543_1353423541226414933_n 20525824_10159021388310543_1308737056607725735_n 20597088_10159021387815543_8345245583080872120_n

Fresh produce is in!

Our trucks keep arriving from the Western Slope and we have a bounty of goodness for you! Field ripened Tomatoes, Olathe Corn, Plums (purple, yellow and blood varieties) watermelon, Rocky Ford cantaloupe, Palisade peaches, honeyrock, yams, cucumbers, pickling cucumbers, green beans, okra, yellow squash, zucchini squash, colored bell peppers, Bartlett Pears, limes, & lemons!20597447_10159024575210543_4664934973437434788_n 20621126_10159024577470543_7818777351680198828_n 20621844_10159024575020543_6756891006729419027_n 20604456_10159024576105543_8461396647999746927_n 20604399_10159024576585543_584345602558912847_n

Fertilize Now for Great Results!

The sweet relief of cooler weather is every gardener’s dream in summer. We recommend you spend a few moments to fertilize your lawn with Ferti•lome’s Classic Lawn Food. It is specially formulated with slow-release nitrogen so it won’t burn your lawn when things heat back up again. Remember to fertilize every 6-8 weeks during the growing season! Ferti•lome is the superior choice for fertilizing to achieve a lush green lawn since it is specifically formulated for our climate. Stop in today for the very best lawn care products available!

Spencer’s was proud to be included in the Perennial Plant Association’s 20th Anniversary International Symposium Tour! Growers, industry professionals and private business owners join together each year for seminars, activities and tours. The Symposium, held in Denver, Colorado, featured a charter bus tour of various stops of interest in Colorado Springs including Garden of the Gods, CSU Extension Demonstration Gardens, and Spencer’s. We hosted many guests, some from as far as Canada, New Zealand, Israel, and all over the United States! We were fortunate to be included in the tour. Thank you, PPA, for your support! Perennial Plant Association!20229213_10158962960680543_4871214018141883729_n 20245395_10158962943000543_6090798264357380041_n 20264690_10158962943100543_1178511601542305487_n 20265034_10158962943320543_5775504039362524089_n 20245521_10158962943355543_1428452751140136372_n 20229091_10158962960300543_4756207902522547781_n 20245811_10158962960320543_6840522235942674261_n 20258370_10158962960460543_6938435455157105169_n

Stop by and pick up your COLORADO GROWN produce! Our Tejon market has Zucchini, Green Tomatoes, Lemons, Limes, Apricots and the first of the PALISADE PEACHES! Be sure to grab your share of Colorado Cherries! We have a very slim supply and once they’re gone, they’re gone! We also have Wimberger’s Bakery rolls and pretzels!

All Vegetable Plants are Buy One, Get One FREE!
***(equal or lesser value, EXCLUDES HERBS AND STRAWBERRY PLANTS)***IMG_2268 IMG_2267

IMG_2274 IMG_2273 IMG_2272 IMG_2270

Tomato troubles? We can help! Here’s what we’re seeing locally right now.

Here is an example of “catfacing.” It is most likely caused by environmental factors, specifically cold weather during time of blossoming. Larger varieties of fruit are most often affected. The first fruits of the season are generally the worst affected. Not much can be done to prevent this during this part of the season and hopefully these can still be ripened and eaten!


If your tomatoes have brown, mushy bottoms like this, most likely you’ve got a calcium deficiency. A deficiency like this is causes Blossom End Rot – treat today with Yield Booster (liquid) or Calcium Nitrate (granular). Avoid nitrogen-heavy fertilizers which can exacerbate the problem, water regularly, and mulch well. Fluctuations in soil moisture can also contribute to Blossom End Rot.



Got a question? We’d love to help you troubleshoot and solve your gardening problems anytime! Bring in pictures of your plants or, even better, samples of any problems you’re experiencing in your gardens.

Colorado Produce Season is fast approaching! We are proud to bring you fresh and delicious COLORADO GROWN produce from the Western Slope! Check in often to see what’s new! As always, our Market is open 7 days a week!

***Closed on July 4***

At our Tejon Market, we have: COLORADO Peas, Yellow Straightneck Squash, Eight Ball Squash, Peaches, Bing Cherries & Rainier Cherries, Beets, Cilantro, & Turnips!

***Produce availability can change daily, please call for most up-to-date produce information.***IMG_2063IMG_2067IMG_2071 IMG_2066 IMG_2068

Fruiting Shrubs in Fountain

Mmm! Our blueberry bushes are getting ripe and it’s got us in a pie frame of mind. We have plenty of fruiting bushes and grape vines to entice your palate while we wait for produce season to kick off. Check back often to know exactly when our Farmer’s Market at our Fountain location will begin for the year! IMG_2401.JPG

These perennials are made to beat the heat in your garden. They bring amazing color to your landscape with minimal effort, just in time for 4th of July gatherings. Stop by soon for the best selection!

IMG_2403.JPG IMG_2405.JPG IMG_2404.JPG IMG_2406.JPGIMG_2407.JPG

New Art Poles!

ART POLES ARE IN! We are so excited to offer an exciting new addition to our already beautiful Art Pole line! “The Lyric Project” features original artwork by Stephanie Burgess and lyrics from McCartney and Lennon! As we unpack these fantastic poles, we can’t help but sing the songs featured on each unique design. Stop in to see the most unique and beautiful designs to add color to your space! Sizes range from 6′ down to 20″, there’s a perfect one waiting for you. The question is, can you pick just one???IMG_1818 IMG_1817 IMG_1816