Spencer’s Field Trials & Quesadilla Day

Saturday, August 12, 9:00-2:00
Tejon location only

Field Trials (or flower trials) are a garden industry standard in which growers plant several varieties of new or improved seeds (in this case, flowers) and nurture them to their full potential. Others in the industry are invited to judge the results, taking note of growth habit, tolerance of environment, and overall appearance and beauty. Everyone votes on their favorites and the winners are added to next year’s inventory. We attend Welby Gardens’ Flower Trials annually, discovering beautiful new flowers, visiting with colleagues, and learning about upcoming trends and improvements.

Here at Spencer’s, we love to create our own Flower Trials. Specially grown one-of-a-kind plants are brought in and set up for our customers to browse through and compare. We also encourage everyone to vote for their favorites. You don’t need to know the specifics of plant husbandry to vote, just tell us what you like best. We’ll add the winners to next year’s inventory so you can put them in your garden!

While you’re here, enjoy a freshly made quesadilla made from Colorado-grown, freshly roasted green chiles. Sample the varieties from mild and flavorful to spicy and adventurous! Once you find your favorite, pick up a quart bag or bushel basket to take home. Quesadilla Day starts at 10:00 at the Tejon location.