Comeback Formula
Bush Doctor Boomerang helps reduce plant stress during temperature fluctuations and unintentional neglect. Comeback Formula can make an instant impact on the health of a stressed plant, helping it to rebound and be as beautiful as ever.

Flowers Kiss
Bush Doctor Flowers Kiss is a Spray-on Foliar Plant Food, meaning it is absorbed through the leaves of the plant rather than the roots. It contains micronutrients that are crucial in the early flowering phase of plant growth to enhance flower development and encourage a bountiful yield. 

Tiger Bloom
Tiger Bloom is a potent, fast-acting, high-phosphorus fertilizer with enough nitrogen to sustain healthy, vigorous green growth during flowering.Use for both hydroponic and soil applications. Tiger Bloom encourages abundant fruit, flower, and multiple bud development. Use Tiger Bloom at the first signs of flowering through harvest.

Big Bloom
Big Bloom Natural & Organic Blossom Builder is a micro-brewed formula organic ingredients that offer a full range of nutrients. It is ideal for all flowering and fruiting plants, and it’s safe enough to use every time you water. You’ll enjoy healthy, vigorous flowers and dramatically improved fruit and vegetable flavors. Best of all, Big Bloom will intensify flower fragrance, and increase essential oil production, which means stronger flavors in herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

Grow Big
Get your garden going with Grow Big, a fast-acting, water-soluble fertilizer for lush, vegetative, compact growth. Use Grow Big early in the season when young plants need an extra boost. It encourages sturdier, healthier stems and leaves while promoting the kind of healthy branching needed later in the season for more abundant buds and blooms.

Jump Start
Happy Frog Jump Start formula is pH-balanced with premium organic ingredients like bat guano, kelp meal, alfalfa meal, and other beneficial microbes to help convert fertilizers into vital plant food. It helps seed germination and may increase the uptake of important micronutrients.

Happy Frog All-Purpose Fertilizer is a ready-to-use, pH balanced blend of natural fertilizers. Some ingredients allow for instantly available nutrition, while others deliver slow-release nitrogen over time. Highly recommended for vegetable gardens, annual and perennial flower gardens, ornamental plantings, and all types of container gardening.

Tomato and Vegetable
The ratios between nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium allow plants to feed vigorously while producing abundant high quality fruit. Happy Frog Tomato and Vegetable also contains calcium, helping prevent blossom end rot and building stronger cell walls, making plants more disease resistant.

Fruit and Flower
This Happy Frog blended fertilizer formula will encourage vigorous root systems, robust bud size, and multiple branching. Expect brighter colors, spellbinding scents, and delicious flavors, all thanks to the extra boost that comes from the micronutrients and living organisms in Fruit & Flower.

Rose Food
Rose gardeners know that their prize-winning blooms deserve more than an all-purpose fertilizer. Happy Frog Rose Food includes linoleic acid which acts as a growth stimulant and helps produce higher yields. Rose Food is custom blended to deliver optimum nutrition for roses. This extraordinary fertilizer will create strong plants, increase the color intensity, and produce prize-winning blooms. 

Bulb Food
Happy Frog Bulb Food is designed to support gorgeous flowers and a long blooming season. It’s pH-balanced with premium organic ingredients and beneficial microbes to help convert fertilizers into vital plant food and fight off disease. Our Bulb Food formula is granulated and easy to use, and it provides gentle, slow-release feedings all season long. 

Bat Guano
Bat guano has been known since ancient times to be a highly beneficial organic soil amendment that has a powerful effect on all plants. Happy Frog High Phosphorus Bat Guano fertilizer is long aged and has no odor. It also contains natural bacteria and has properties that cannot be duplicated in a laboratory. It will deliver spectacular flowers and multiple bud development.