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Desert Canyon Farms – Desert Canyon Farms continues its mission to be as sustainable as possible. For 18 years we have been USDA certified organic, growing plants in very earth-friendly ways. We grow many plants in rice hull pots and fiber pots, which means we use a lot less plastic, which translates to less fossil fuel used by the farm. We have expanded our line of herbs and heirloom/ethnic specialty vegetables. We also feature edible flowers! Our popular Peter Rabbit Salad Lettuce boxes will be available, as well as strawberry plants and old-fashioned annual flowers. You will know we grew the plants by the Desert Canyon Farm Gardener and USDA Organic logos on our labels. Let us grow your garden this year!

Gard’n-Wise – Gard’n-Wise Distributors is a company known for carrying just about anything you can imagine for your yard and garden. This family owned and operated wholesale business is dedicated to providing excellent customer service, knowledgeable reps, quality products, and an extensive line of products to choose from. Gard’n-Wise has been working with Spencer’s for many years and has always brought new and innovative lines for the home gardener. Their reps can answer many questions and find products that will work best for you. Fox Farm products will be featured as well as many other garden products.

Welby Gardens – Hardy Boy is a registered trademark for the colorful annuals and perennials that Welby Gardens grows. Welby Gardens has been in business since 1948! The Gerace family business has evolved into one of the largest producers of quality bedding and perennial plants in Colorado. Welby’s has a long history of quality and excellent service. The logo, Hardy Boy, was born in 1976, and is one of the most recognized logos in the plant industry in our region. The Hardy Boy name is synonymous with high quality plants that are colorful, reliable, and successful when planted. With an open mind to consumer trends, evaluation of new varieties, many years of growing experience, and by partnering with fine independent garden centers like Spencer’s, Hardy Boy is known as a leader in bedding plants in our region. Hardy Boy brings “Color to Life.”

Monrovia Growers – Since 1926, the name Monrovia has been synonymous with Distinctively Better Premium Plants. What makes Monrovia plants the best in our industry is our process – part art, part science, all loving-care! We start with the best stock, raise each plant on a specially- formulated and nutrient-rich diet, and nurture and care for each plant by hand. Some varieties spend up to eight years under our care before arriving at your favorite garden center. Our process continues to evolve to produce the healthiest, hardiest, most beautiful plants with the highest standards in our industry. By minding the details and making the extra effort, we ensure that every plant that leaves our nursery is a peak performer and prime specimen that will live longer and grow stronger in your garden. We encourage you to stop by the booth to see what is new and exciting for your landscape.

VPG – Voluntary Purchasing Group (VPG) is the maker of Ferti-lome, Hi-Yield, American, and Natural Guard brands. For over 50 years VPG has been one of the most innovative and respected leaders in the lawn and garden industry. Ferti-lome products have provided homeowners the products they need to improve their lawns and increase the productivity of their gardens. Natural Guard brand offers many natural and organic solutions as well as superb technology to control many hard to handle problems. VPG has been a choice for many independent garden centers because it offers a broad range of products and brings industry expertise. After over 50 years, we’ve only just begun. Our motto: Local Solutions for Local Problems.

Poudre Valley Coop – Poudre Valley Coop is a premier grass seed company. Working to bring you a quality seed, this company brings a wide variety of blends and knowledge to its name. One of the most common problems we find with planting grass seed is not selecting the right mixture for a specific area. Lawn grass mixtures are made to accommodate a wide range of light conditions, soil types, and fertility levels. This is done so that if one species in the mixture doesn’t like the soil type or light condition, another species will take hold. Take this opportunity at the Garden Success Show to visit with a professional about your hard to sow areas, new lawn, or how improve your existing lawn.

Gift Craft – Personal Style Knows No Boundaries… Personal style and flair isn’t limited to the confines of four walls. Representing the top-selling product categories, Giftcraft offers one of the industry’s largest selections of outdoor decor, designed to compliment an array of outdoor settings and personal styles.

Lake Valley Seed Company – was founded in 1985 in Boulder, Colorado. Our philosophy has always been to provide quality products at competitive prices and to service our most passionate gardeners. Lake Valley Seed is only available at independent garden centers. We strive to bring you the best in quality and provide you with unique varieties of flower and vegetable seeds. Our seeds are carefully selected and are untreated. Our seeds are GMO free. Come experience for yourself the joy, wisdom, and fun that only seed growing can provide.

Easy Gardener – Founded in 1983, Easy Gardener has an extensive history with lawn & garden retailers in the U.S. and sells world-wide to more than 25 countries. Most of our products are ranked #1 or #2 in their categories! Easy Gardener is proud to bring you Grass Shield. Formerly known as Guard Dog of Yard Dog, this unique product helps to dissipate and revive dog urine spots in your lawn. Proven effective, easy to apply, and long-lasting. The perfect solution for effective year-round dog spot problems.

Botany Lane – Botany Lane is a Colorado owned and operated wholesale grower producing finished premium annuals, perennials and herbs/vegetables for local garden centers. We provide unique, high quality container gardens and hanging baskets for the independent marketplace. Our work is about integrity with respect for our customers and the plants that we grow. We are a group of individuals experienced and dedicated to providing the best quality plant material possible. In partnering with our customers we strive to provide excellence in customer service and innovative products thus ensuring the sustainable growth of our industry, customers, and ourselves.

Gulley Greenhouse & Garden Center – Gulley Greenhouse is a full service Garden Center. Gulley Greenhouse also has a wholesale division and is one of the leading suppliers of plant material in the region. Gulley produces over 1,000 perennials, 200 herbs, and over 600 annual plant varieties. Our goal is to produce high quality plants that will perform best for you. We also produce premium lines such as Jeepers Creepers and Rock Stars, that are grown not only for their unique qualities, but their ability to stay low to the ground which are great for stepping stone areas and hard to plant places. We look forward to seeing you at the Garden Success Show, and just like you, we LOVE plants!

Fertilome Soils – Here at Fertilome Soils, quality is our top priority. This is why our mixing plant has a complete quality control laboratory. The laboratory follows set procedures to make sure our products comply with our high quality standards. Production of our products begins with sphagnum peat moss selected from the best Canadian peat bogs. Several environmental agencies oversee the peat bogs, ensuring a safe and sustainable ecosystem. The peat is screened to remove sticks and unwanted materials. We use carefully selected ingredients to bring to you the most reliable soil mixes on the market. A garden is only as good as the soil it’s grown in!

Van Essen – Van Essen Nursery is a family run company started in 1976. They put a large focus on our customers,  current market trends, and are always looking for new great plants. They grow everything from 4” liners to #10 finished shrubs, roses and perennials. They are proud growers of these premium programs, Proven Winners, First Editions, and The HGTV Collection. When it comes to plants, we are proud of the mix we’ve developed, from the tried and true to the hot new varieties our customers are always looking for.

J Frank Schmidt & Son Co – For over 65 years, J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co. has been “Growing New Ideas.” As originators of the Red Sunset® Maple and introducer or co-introducer of more than 50 other patented or trademarked tree cultivars, our company is known as a premier source of up-to-date deciduous tree cultivars and new introductions. More than 500 varieties and cultivars of deciduous trees are carefully grown on rich Willamette Valley soils in the heart of Oregon, “The Nursery State.”

Smart Pots – Smart Pot is the original, award winning, fabric container for faster producing, healthier plants… Anything else is just a pot! Smart Pots is the top brand chosen by professional growers for over 20 years because plants grow faster & healthier in our fabric containers. They are reusable, durable, and perfect around your home. You can grow almost anything in a Smart Pot- vegetables, herbs, flowers, and more. You don’t need a green thumb to have a thriving container garden. All you need are the right tools. Your #1 tool is the Smart Pot!

Monarch Landscaping and Lawn Care – has been locally owned and operated since 2008 with the skills and integrity to do the job right. We are based in Colorado Springs and serve Colorado Springs, Fountain, Manitou Springs, and Monument. We have over 17 years of qualified experience in creating a peaceful, beautiful masterpiece of living art. We are licensed and insured general contractors providing services which include irrigation, lawn care, landscaping, decks, construction, cabinetry, and fencing. Monarch Landscaping and Lawn Care prides itself on being reliable, honest, and hardworking. We guarantee the quality of our workmanship, taking pride in our client relationships and strive to exceed expectations. 719-390-7566 www.monarchlandscapingandlawncare.com.

Hillbilly Farms – Jim and Donna La Chey have been supplying food products, including herbs, vegetables, pork, and poultry to the Fountain community for 22 years. Farm fresh eggs are their most popular item. Donna is a poultry and fermentation expert. She taught poultry science at Colorado State University, is a former head of the Colorado State Poultry Board, and is an American Poultry Association Licensed Judge. She is excited to share her knowledge and experience with participants at the Garden Success Show. She will be present in the Hillbilly Farms booth where you will be able to pick up literature, view informative videos, and get chicks. Chickens are a great addition to any garden.

David’s Concrete Innovations – features quality outdoor concrete products including statuary, birdbaths, fountains, benches, and more. For over 50 years we have been producing both decorative and practical concrete items that provide beauty and style to your yard and garden. All of David’s products are crafted in the USA from our family to yours. Our unique variety will add that finishing touch to any space in your landscape. Choose David’s for all of your cast stone décor.

Kaylor of Colorado manufactures premium birdseed. We are located in Greeley, Colorado, and buy the majority of our ingredients from local farmers. We triple clean these ingredients to ensure that they are dust-free and contain no foreign material. We strive to provide a pest-free product by packaging in a special barrier film bag that helps to maintain freshness. Kaylor’s natural seed is colorful and attractive to birds using natural ingredients and fruit based products.

I Must Garden products are natural animal repellent that help deter unwanted visitors to your yard and garden. You will be amazed how beautiful your garden grows when protected with the “best repellents on the planet.” We offer protection for your garden with products that are safe, eco-friendly, and pleasant to use. We test our products in real gardens under real conditions, making them dependable and giving you products you can trust. Earth friendly, people friendly, and pet friendly.

Craftware Pottery is a direct importer and distributor of lawn & garden, floral containers, and supplies. We provide exceptional quality products and strive to offer cutting edge product lines that are innovative, unique, and functional. Our planters come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. We continually search worldwide to not only grow our product selection, but to bring you unique garden décor. For decades we have been a leader in style, function, and durability.

Representatives from the Pikes Peak Rose Society, the Elmohr Iris Society, and the Colorado Springs Daylily Society will be joining us to share their knowledge and passion. Stop by to learn about their respected groups and find out how to join, get tips, sign up for newsletters, and to see about their upcoming events!

The Friends of Extension (FOX) non-profit organization was founded in 2010 in response to reduced funding of the El Paso County Extension office. FOX holds a yearly garden tour every year. Planning is underway for the 2017 FOX Open Garden Tour – Colorado Springs, “Who Knew it in Patty Jewett!” June 24 & 25, 2017 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. Visit them at our Garden Success Show!