IMG_7660 lawn (29)Spencer’s carries a complete line of grass seed mixtures to ensure that you have a thick, healthy, beautiful lawn. We carry drought tolerant varieties, low maintenance, and mixtures for lawn patching. 

Varieties include:

Match & Patch: Great for patching bare spots!  This mixture blends perfectly into your existing bluegrass lawn.

Colorado’s Own: Perfect for over-seeding thin lawns, patching, and is quick to germinate.

Rocky’s Ballpark: Stands up to heavy traffic, blends in with existing lawns, and germinates quickly.

Water-Less Turf Blend: This all-fescue mix is designed for parkways, areas left virtually unattended once the grass seed has germinated and has been established. Also great for areas that are hard to reach with irrigation.

Shade & Shadow Mix: Designed to help fill in under and around shade trees, areas shaded by the house, and other shady yard spots. It can also withstand sun for combination problems.

Colorado High Altitude Mix: Very drought tolerant and low growing, this mix is perfect for hills and slopes. It can be mowed or left to appear natural.

Nice Lawn: Beautiful dark green in color, this mix has a high drought tolerance and recovers quickly from drought stress. Does exceptionally well in high heat.

We carry bluegrass, ryegrass, and more in bulk. We also carry Fertilome Canadian Black Peat Moss and Straw Net for top dressing the seed after sowing.