Our trucks keep arriving from the Western Slope and we have a bounty of goodness for you! Field ripened Tomatoes, Olathe Corn, Plums (purple, yellow and blood varieties) watermelon, Rocky Ford cantaloupe, Palisade peaches, honeyrock, yams, cucumbers, pickling cucumbers, green beans, okra, yellow squash, zucchini squash, colored bell peppers, Bartlett Pears, limes, & lemons!20597447_10159024575210543_4664934973437434788_n 20621126_10159024577470543_7818777351680198828_n 20621844_10159024575020543_6756891006729419027_n 20604456_10159024576105543_8461396647999746927_n 20604399_10159024576585543_584345602558912847_n