Tomato troubles? We can help! Here’s what we’re seeing locally right now.

Here is an example of “catfacing.” It is most likely caused by environmental factors, specifically cold weather during time of blossoming. Larger varieties of fruit are most often affected. The first fruits of the season are generally the worst affected. Not much can be done to prevent this during this part of the season and hopefully these can still be ripened and eaten!


If your tomatoes have brown, mushy bottoms like this, most likely you’ve got a calcium deficiency. A deficiency like this is causes Blossom End Rot – treat today with Yield Booster (liquid) or Calcium Nitrate (granular). Avoid nitrogen-heavy fertilizers which can exacerbate the problem, water regularly, and mulch well. Fluctuations in soil moisture can also contribute to Blossom End Rot.



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