…um, guys? It’s July.

Well, they’re here early! Due to popular demand, we are having a special Spencer Buck Days weekend July 13-16. Those colorful “dollars” you’ve been getting with your purchases? Spend them now or wait until September, whatever you prefer. Use them dollar for dollar for up to 50% off of your purchase amount.

Ugh, I just cleaned out my junk drawer and found a bunch from the last few years.

Super! Bring them in and spend them! We won’t deny you the chance to save money on the best quality products in the garden industry.

Awesome! So anything I want is 50% off??

Not exactly. You can spend Spencer Bucks like cash for UP TO 50% of your pre-tax purchase amount. And there are exceptions. **Here come the rules and disclaimers of the Spencer Buck Days sale!** Some of our vendors won’t allow us to include their products in sales like this, but not many. Fertilome products, produce, peanuts, and propane are excluded. We can’t extend the sale after July 16th. But your next opportunity to spend Spencer Bucks is September 1-15th. We won’t offer any rain checks, nor can we combine Bucks with any other coupon or promotion. Products are available only while supplies last. Spencer Bucks savings cannot be applied to any previous purchases and they will not be multiplied at any time. They don’t have any cash value and, most importantly, they MUST BE PRESENT AT THE TIME OF SALE. Put a reminder on your phone, stick the bucks in your wallet, staple them to your forehead (no don’t. Please don’t.), but remember to bring them with you!

Spencer Buck Days are the best opportunity to save money storewide. See you this weekend!