Employee Spotlight!

We’ve saved the best for last! Today we feature the patriarch of Spencers. Our father, grandpa, and friend, Mister Noble Spencer, Jr. himself! Jr turned 90 years young in September, and he hasn’t slowed down one bit! We keep him busy, and he keeps us on our toes!

“Marge (Jr’s late wife) and I always had a lot of fun at Christmas. After I got out of the service, and came home from Japan, she met me in San Francisco. We stayed with her sister for a few days, and went to Fisherman’s Wharf. I don’t like seafood, but Marge loved it.
“Once we had kids, she always tried to make Christmas special for them. She was real good at that.
“What I like best about Christmas now is relaxing. I don’t make any plans if I don’t want to! But I see the kids, and the grand kids, and now their children. Those rugrats sure exhaust me! But I love them. They’re cute little tykes!”EC3E266F-7B3F-43EB-88BA-D4F56AE5E3D9