Employee Spotlight: Mike Spencer

Today we’d like to share some of Mike Spencer’s holiday memories. Mike is a co-owner, and has worked in the family business all his life. You can likely find Mike at our Fountain location, most days. “You know, growing up, I always loved Christmas Eve and the time I spent with my family going to church service and seeing my grandparents from the Spencer side. We would arrive home from church and Santa would have already visited our house. That’s because Christmas morning, we loaded up the semi and took toys and fruit to the less fortunate kids at the Chief Theater. Those were some of my favorite times. Later in life, watching my own daughters open presents was always fun. Now that I have grandkids, Christmas has become even more magical. Christmas, to me, is all about kids. From when they come to pick out a tree with Mom & Dad, to when they visit the Candy Basement, it has become a tradition that spans 4 generations for me. I love it. I love the whole Christmas season and the whole idea of Christmas. It’s my favorite.”