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Getting through a Colorado spring can be tricky with all of the unknowns- late freezes, late snow storms, hail, wind, dry spells… pandemics… But we’ve got you covered.

With hail cloth, anyway. At $4.98 a linear foot and 17 ft. wide, we cut it to any length you need to prevent damage from bruising hail and blistering sun.

Now for the dry spells. We can’t make it rain or lift water restrictions, but we can improve soil to make watering more efficient and healthier for the root systems. Add HuMic by Natural Guard to your spring lawn fertilization routine to use the fertilizer more completely. Add it to your garden soils to release nutrients for the root systems and to help retain moisture. Even your compost bin will benefit- add a cupful to get the decomposition process going even faster.

Vegetable and herb starter plants are in! Get your gardens going now (but don’t forget, nights might still be a little chilly for tomatoes and other plants, so be prepared to cover them in the evenings. Cool season veggies are PERFECT for right now!)

It’s a great time to get flower gardens going. Perennials are in and looking great! Available in 2.5 inch, 3.5 inch, and one gallon sizes, stop in to see what your garden needs.

Hanging baskets are in and looking amazing! 10 inch baskets are $29.98, moss hanging baskets are 14 inches for $89.98 and 16 inches for $99.98. These are stunningly planted at the top with a variety of standing and trailing flowers and vines, and all around the bottom with even more color for a show stopping display at every angle!

We appreciate each of you for supporting us during this season of uncertainty. We are doing our best to keep up with your emails, questions via social media, curbside orders, and phone calls and consultations while maintaining an excellent physically distanced in-person shopping experience. It’s a new way of doing business for us all! Thank you for your patience and grace while we navigate the new format and ways of doing things. It means so much to us. Stay safe!

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