Saturday, November 10th- OPEN HOUSE!

Join us at our Tejon location as we host an open house from 9-5! You’ll find samples of the amazing local foods and ciders we sell as you browse our old fashioned Candy Basement. Discounts, sales, closeouts, and more await the pre-holiday shopping chaos. Pick up some last minute important tools to complete your garden winterizing and to prepare for winter watering.

We can’t wait to see you, so please stop in and say hi!

Thank you all for a wonderful growing season! We love our customers and appreciate you shopping with us.

Stay tuned for autumn shopping with Spencer’s! Pumpkins, mums, roasted chilis, squash, fall decor, cider, and more!

Visit us often to see what’s new and exciting in our stores!

How to Winterize Roses

Saturday September 29 @9:30AM

Walt and Diana of the Pikes Peak Rose Society will be at our Fountain location to demonstrate the best practices for winterizing roses of all types. They have lived in Colorado for many years and know how tough this region can be on roses. Come learn when to prune, how to mulch, and what to fertilize with for the most stunning roses in the state!

Labor Day hours

We will be open on Labor Day from 9-2. We hope you have a wonderful day!

Quesadilla Days are HERE!

It’s one of our favorite events of the year! Come sample our freshly roasted chile peppers in action, cooked into cheese quesadillas. Want to see how hot the Barker peppers are? You can try before you buy. Love the chile taste but not the heat? Sample the Sonoras. Looking for a good in-between? Find the perfect pepper today, Saturday September 1st and Saturday, September 8th from 10-2 at both locations.

Produce Season!

Produce season is in full glory right now! Come get it while you can because our selection changes daily and we don’t want you to miss out! Here’s a rundown of what we have as of today, Sunday, August 12:

Olathe Corn
Walla Walla Onions
Delta Cantaloupe
Rocky Ford:
-Honey Dew
-Mini Watermelon
-Watermelon, seedless and seeded
-White Peaches
Grand Junction:
-Peppers- Sonora, Anaheim, New Mexico, Big Jim, Barker
Other Colorado Produce includes:
Green Beans
Green Tomatoes
Yellow Squash
Pickling Cucumbers
Heirloom Tomatoes
Roma Tomatoes
Bell Peppers- Green and Purple
Crabapples- Denver Prairie Fire and Whitney

Call us at 719-632-2788 for prices and box/bushel availability.
Put some Colorado freshness in your meals while you can!

Field Trials Plants for Sale!

Come by our Tejon location to see our variety of Field Trials plants and purchase the new and improved ones for your garden, now!

There’s only one of each kind and we can’t hold them or order more. Once they’re gone… they’re gone!

Each plant is in an 8-inch pot for $11.98. Add another splash of color to your garden before the season ends… it’s not too late to enjoy their beauty!

It’s Field Trial Season!

We love this time of year! One of our largest bedding plant, vegetable plant, and perennial suppliers, Hardy Boy Plants, held their annual Field Trials this week. A few of us were able to attend to see what they’ve been working on all season… in addition to keeping us and their other customers fully stocked, of course.

Field Trials are an industry-wide event where plants are grown throughout a season and then judged by the producers, growers, customers, and public, depending on the venue. At Welby Gardens, independent garden centers’ owners, managers, and employees come together to see what plants are new and what’s been changed or improved. The plants are judged based on growth habit (are they leggy, compact, uneven, or stunted?), how they grew in a specific climate, and if they are desirable in gardens and landscapes. Some people vote for their favorite because it’s pretty and that’s ok, too!

So when we say a few of us attended… we really mean a few. We had a small crowd attend this year for a variety of reasons. Small as in… granddaughters and Mimi (Susan Spencer). Everyone had a great time, voted well, and learned a lot. Mimi, I mean, Susan, is excited for the next season’s new additions to the bedding plant supply and hopes that some of this year’s new plants will be more readily available and rotated into Hardy Boy’s already extensive collection.

The grandgirls are ready to vote for their favorites and work hard! …maybe play a little, too…

What to choose, what to choose…

So many beautiful plants! It’s hard to choose our favorites sometimes, but it’s in the job description!

September Spencer Buck Days Are Here!

…um, guys? It’s July.

Well, they’re here early! Due to popular demand, we are having a special Spencer Buck Days weekend July 13-16.┬áThose colorful “dollars” you’ve been getting with your purchases? Spend them now or wait until September, whatever you prefer. Use them dollar for dollar for up to 50% off of your purchase amount.

Ugh, I just cleaned out my junk drawer and found a bunch from the last few years.

Super! Bring them in and spend them! We won’t deny you the chance to save money on the best quality products in the garden industry.

Awesome! So anything I want is 50% off??

Not exactly. You can spend Spencer Bucks like cash for UP TO 50% of your pre-tax purchase amount. And there are exceptions. **Here come the rules and disclaimers of the Spencer Buck Days sale!** Some of our vendors won’t allow us to include their products in sales like this, but not many. Fertilome products, produce, peanuts, and propane are excluded. We can’t extend the sale after July 16th. But your next opportunity to spend Spencer Bucks is September 1-15th. We won’t offer any rain checks, nor can we combine Bucks with any other coupon or promotion. Products are available only while supplies last. Spencer Bucks savings cannot be applied to any previous purchases and they will not be multiplied at any time. They don’t have any cash value and, most importantly, they MUST BE PRESENT AT THE TIME OF SALE. Put a reminder on your phone, stick the bucks in your wallet, staple them to your forehead (no don’t. Please don’t.), but remember to bring them with you!

Spencer Buck Days are the best opportunity to save money storewide. See you this weekend!

Have a safe and happy 4th!