Winter Bird Feeding

Winter is a great time to supplement birds with suet cakes and protein! A simple suet feeder will help keep the birds happy and energized during the season. Stop in today for premium feeders and supplies for winter backyard birding!

For even more fun with the birds in your backyard, participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count from February 17-20! Information collected helps the National Audubon Society and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology learn about how bird populations are doing. You can participate for as little as 15 minutes, or bird watch for as long as you’d like! For more information, visit and

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Countdown to Christmas, Day 21

Need a last minute stocking stuffer? We have a great selection of small items to fill that empty space in your stockings! Rain gauges, plant markers, outdoor thermometers, and more! From seed packets to tools and other small items, we are your stocking stuffer headquarters! Don’t forget gift cards, too! Available in any amount! Gardeners love gifts from Spencer’s!

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Countdown to Christmas, Day 14

Desert Steel is a brand new company for our store. Based in Wichita, Kansas, their bird feeders, garden torches and art pieces are gorgeous additions to your home! Stop in to our Tejon store today and check these beauties out! They make the perfect gift!

Countdown to Christmas, Day 13

Succulents are the perfect way to add a little green to your indoor space. Perfect for small spaces, like an office or bookcase, and easy to care for! Our selection of single succulents and cacti, and our dish gardens with various succulents are sure to be a perfect gift!

Countdown to Christmas, Day 12

Celebrate family, friends, and coworkers with a bountiful fruit basket from Spencer’s! Customizable with candies, jams, nuts, and more. Fruit from top to bottom: apples, oranges, grapefruits, and pears. NO fillers. From whole bushels all the way to half pecks, you will find something to suit your needs!

Countdown to Christmas, Day 11

Having trouble thinking of the perfect gift for the Gardener in your life? Look no further than a Spencer’s Gift Card! Available in any amount you choose, and a wonderful gift to give! Stop by and give the gift of GREEN today!img_89571507948_10155674228410543_6201292860479132898_n 11425836_10155677995950543_2440186745973352352_n

Countdown to Christmas, Day 10

It may be winter, but it’s never too early to start your 2017 seed collection! Give the gift of GREEN with our flower seeds, herb, and vegetable seeds! Our Lake Valley seeds are packed for 2017, and we have a great selection of Heirloom, Non GMO seeds to choose from! The gardener in your life will love the glimpse of Spring with a sprinkler and a selection of seeds!img_8945img_8944 img_8947img_8946

Countdown to Christmas, Day 9

Painted Peace Art Poles are such a fun and unique way to add a touch of art to your garden! Made from weather resistant materials, they are modeled after artists’ whimsical renditions of garden scenes ~ from 21″ all the way to 6′ tall, birdbath styles, along with bird houses and lanterns, these poles add the extra dose of charm and color to your space! Stop in to the Tejon location today to see the very best in garden art!

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Countdown to Christmas, Day 8

Gardeners know that if there’s one thing that makes the season¬†easier and more successful, it’s the right tool. Our selection of hand tools, clippers, pruners, and full sized tools will get the job done. We even carry tool aprons and garden kneelers! Garden tools in winter, you say? Why yes! They make the perfect gift for the Gardener in your life!

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Countdown to Christmas, Day 7

Give the incredibly fun and beautiful gift of Paperwhites or Amaryllis bulbs this season! Especially perfect for forcing indoors! Watch them grow and bloom and let them inspire you this winter. Keep your gardening cravings alive until Spring! Perfect for the home, a great project with kids, and a unique way to ring in Christmas! Pick some up for yourself, too!img_8862 img_8863 img_8861bulb-4bulb5